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Windows Socket Error 10051 On Api Connect


Detailed description (from RFC 1035, "Domain Names", by P.Mockapetris): Format error: name server was unable to interpret the query. This would occur if WinSock aborts an established connection after data retransmission fails (receiver never acknowledges data sent on a datastream socket). Ignore it. It would also timeout if a (FIN)ish TCP packet is not ACK'd (and even if the FIN is ACK'd, it will eventually timeout if a FIN is not returned). this contact form

However, there are some TCP/IP dialers that install their own Winsock.dll which may not be compatible with our programs. This means another type of request to the name server will result in an answer. WinSock description: Same as Berkeley. Please consult the documentation or help file for your specific firewall or antivirus software product for further instructions. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms740668(v=vs.85).aspx

Socket Error 10038

No more file handles are available, so no more files can be opened.. Debug log (11:29:35) prefs: /pidgin/blist/list_visible changed, scheduling save. (11:29:39) prefs: /pidgin/blist/list_visible changed, scheduling save. (11:29:40) account: Connecting to account [email protected] (11:29:40) connection: Connecting. If you don't have the proper subnet mask, your network system may treat a local address as a remote address (so it forwards addresses on the local subnet to the router, Berkeley description: Too many open files.

Check your Winsock implementation documentation to be sure all necessary components are currently installed and configured correctly. The name you have used is not an official hostname or alias. WinSock description: The 'address' they refer to, typically refers to the local 'socket name', which is made up of the 3-tuple: protocol, port-number and IP address. Socket Error 10049 The "address" they refer to, typically refers to the local "socket name", which is made up of the 3-tuple: protocol, port-number and IP address.

Detailed descriptions (relevant to socket states): accept(): listen() was not invoked prior to accept() bind(): socket already bound to an address getsockname(): socket not bound with bind() listen(): socket not bound WSAESERVERDOWN (10064) The server is temporarily or permanently unreachable. To change your connection Port for an FTP site Open the Site Manager, then click the site. Verify that the destination server name or IP address is correct Verify that the connection port number is correct (under Site Settings > Type tab).

Do not post confidential information, especially passwords! Socket Error 11004 Verify that the destination host name or IP address is correct and try again later. This error often occurs when you try to connect in PASV mode to a server that prefers PORT for data connections. It would also timeout if a (FIN)ish TCP packet is not ACK'd (and even if the FIN is ACK'd, it will eventually timeout if a FIN is not returned).

  • Error Description List (0) No error WSABASEERR (10000) No error Berkeley Description: no equivalent.
  • In Berkeley, this error also occurs when you are trying to name the local socket (assign local address and port number) with bind(), but Windows Sockets doesn't ascribe this error to
  • WSAEREMOTE (10071) Too many levels of remote in path Item is not local to the host.
  • If an application sends a UDP packet to a host/port that does not have a datagram socket "listening," the network system may respond by sending back an ICMP Port Unreachable packet
  • You cannot use more than one WinSock implementation simultaneously.

Socket Error Codes Linux

WinSock functions: Additional functions: any function that takes a socket (or file handle) as an input parameter See also: WSAENOTSOCK WSAECONNABORTED (10053) Software caused connection abort. http://help.globalscape.com/help/cuteftp8/Socket_errors_10060_10061_10064_10065.htm Consult the documentation or help file for your specific firewall or antivirus software product for instructions. Socket Error 10038 The Winsock implementation will not allow you to send after this. Socket Error 10054 Connection Reset By Peer WinSock description: The Windows Sockets definition of this error is very different from Berkeley.

The v1.1 specification also lists connect(), although it does not allocate a descriptor. weblink The explanation is simple and obvious: in order to connect to or send to a destination address, you need to provide the destination address. WSAEISCONN (10056) Socket is already connected. have bounds, or specific values) might return this error. Socket Error 10053

The only time a WinSock might use this error--at least with a TCP/IP implementation of WinSock--it fails a function with other errors (for example, WSAETIMEDOUT). A server has attempted to handle an NFS request by generating a request to another NFS server, which is not allowed.WSAHOST_NOT_FOUND (11001) Host not found The name you have used is Whether to handle it as a fatal error or non-fatal error depends on the application and the context, so it's entirely up to you to decide. navigate here Most likely the address is not translated properly from string to network byte order integer form. –Nikolai N Fetissov May 26 '15 at 16:33 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active

TCP/IP scenario: In BSD-compatible implementations, the local network system generates this error if there isn't a default route configured. Windows Socket Error Windows 10 The software caused a connection abort because there is no space on the socket's queue and the socket cannot receive further connections. recv(), recvfrom(), send(), sendto(): MSG_OOB was specified, but the socket is not of type SOCK_STREAM Developer suggestions: don't do that.

If you are using a host table exclusively, you'll need to update it to add the destination hostname and address.

On the server end, you could use a network system utility similar to BSD's "netstat -a" command to check that your server is running, and listening on the right port number. WinSock description: Similar to Berkeley & Microsoft C, but in reference to sockets rather than file handles (although the descriptions in the v1.1 specification say "no more file descriptors available"). WinSock functions: With a datastream socket: connect() and FD_CONNECT WSAAsyncelect() notification message. Winsock Error 10054 Fix WinSock description: Similar to Berkeley & Microsoft C, the generic meaning is that an application passed invalid input parameter in a function call.

For example, the error can occur when an attempt is made to read from a file that is not open, to open an existing read-only file for writing, or to open In most cases, the default Winsock that comes with your OS is appropriate. It means that there is a blocking operation outstanding. http://jactionscripters.com/socket-error/windows-socket-error-10051.php Clearly, this oversight was not intentional.

WinSock description: No equivalent. Not the answer you're looking for? In this case, the 2nd application will fail with WSAEADDRINUSE. In fact, when you connect out, i.e.

You would need to update your Winsock to a supported version. For WinSock, this error is equivalent to Berkeley's EHOSTUNREACH error, the catch-all error for unreachable hosts. "You can't get there from here." TCP/IP scenario: The local network system could generate this copies what it can into your buffer) and fails the function. Of the two that can fail, neither of them set an error value you can retrieve from WSAGetLastError() (refer to Chapter 10, "Support Routines" for more information on any of these

Copyright © 1996-2011 GlobalSCAPE, Inc. Additional functions: a generic description of the type of functions that can return this error, which may include functions other than those listed by the WinSock specification. WinSock functions: bind(), connect(), sendto(), socket(), FD_CONNECT See also: WSAEPROTOTYPE WSAEALREADY (10037) Operation already in progress. User suggestions: There may be too many Winsock applications running simultaneously, but this is unlikely since most network systems have many socket handles available.

Developer suggestion: are you trying to use an optional feature? If it doesn't respond, it might be off-line or there may be a network problem along the way. after the first failed with WSAEWOULDBLOCK). For protocol and services resolution, the name or number was not found in the respective database.

You should simply ignore this error when it occurs.WSAEINTR (10004) Interrupted system call A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlockingCall.