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Winsock 10004 Error


WSAENOTCONN (10057) Socket is not connected A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is not connected and (when sending on a datagram socket) no address was WinSock functions: recv(), recvfrom(), sendto(), FD_CLOSE Additional functions: send() can also fail with WSAECONNABORTED. Though, I guess it depends on the network. WinSock description: Same as Berkeley. http://jactionscripters.com/socket-error/winsock-error-10004.php

In this case, the 2nd application will fail with WSAEADDRINUSE. Lewis Muir Sent: Fri 4/24/2009 11:01 AM To: Jeff Hill Cc: 'Mark Clift'; [email protected] Subject: Re: Winsock error10004 On 4/24/09 11:42 AM, Jeff Hill wrote: >> * Strangely, the ioc's that WinSock description: No equivalent WinSock functions: WSAEMFILE (10024) Too many open files. An object with an invalid ObjectLength field was specified in the QoS provider-specific buffer. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms740668(v=vs.85).aspx

Socket Error 10054

Detailed description: setsockopt(): WinSock generates this error if you try to set SO_KEEPALIVE but the connection has already been aborted (e.g. WinSock description: Same as Berkeley. WinSock description: Same as Berkeley.

This error is also returned if the service provider returned a version number other than 2.0. The requested protocol has not been configured into the system, or no implementation for it exists. Note the British spelling (with an 'S' instead of a 'Z'). Socket Error 10054 Connection Reset By Peer http://uk.docs.yahoo.com/ymail/new.html In response to Re: winsock error 10004 at 2008-07-21 10:41:35 from Rainer Bauer pgsql-bugs by date Next:From: Valentine GogichashviliDate: 2008-07-21 11:19:52 Subject: BUG #4319: lower()/upper() does not know about UNICODE

epics> exit CAS: Client accept error was "WINSOCK Error 10004" CA cast server: Unable to fetch N characters pending epics> exit CAS: UDP recv error (errno=WINSOCK Error 10004) CAS: Client accept Socket Error 10053 Pete Peter Duniho, Jan 24, 2008 #2 Advertisements Erik Tamminga Guest Peter, Thank you. Typically, though, WinSock generates this error when it receives a "host unreachable" ICMP message from a router. There are 2 methods in which to resolve Winsock Error 10004, Error -107 error code: Advanced Solution (advanced): 1) Start your computer and then log on as an administrator. 2) Click

Berkeley description: An operation was attempted on a non-blocking object that already had an operation in progress. Socket Error 11004 Alternately, you could call setsockopt(SO_REUSEADDR) to allow duplicate local addresses in a single application, but this is a kludgy approach (i.e. The usual example for this is a host name-to-address translation attempt (using gethostbyname or WSAAsyncGetHostByName) which uses the DNS (Domain Name Server). Lewis Muir RE: Winsock error10004 Mark Rivers RE: Winsock error10004 Mark Clift Navigate by Date: Prev: RE: dbCaPutLinkCallback crash in 3.14.10 on cygwin; PROBLEM SOLVED Mark Rivers Next: Re: dbCaPutLinkCallback crash

  1. The only function that takes these two explicit parameters is socket.WSAENOPROTOOPT (10042) Bad protocol option A bad option or level was specified in a getsockopt(2) or setsockopt(2) call.
  2. WSAEMSGSIZE (10040) Message too long.
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  4. This error is returned if either a service provider's DLL could not be loaded (LoadLibrary failed) or the provider's WSPStartup or NSPStartup function failed.
  5. No connection could be made because the target computer actively refused it.
  6. As you can see from the comprehensive list of WinSock functions, this error is the catch-all.
  7. WSAEACCES (10013) Permission deniedAn attempt was made to access a file in a way forbidden by its file access permissions.
  9. The Windows Sockets API provides access to 'low-level' APIs (like the transport protocols TCP and UDP), so this error is not relevant to Winsock.

Socket Error 10053

Berkeley description: The system detected an invalid address in attempting to use an argument of a call. https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/[email protected] WinSock description: Same as Berkeley. Socket Error 10054 Winsock only allows a single blocking operation to be outstanding per task (or thread), and if you make any other function call (whether or not it references that or any other Socket Error 10049 Detailed description: SO_BROADCAST is not supported on sockets of type SOCK_STREAM.

At least one QoS reserve has arrived. click site This message has a slightly different meaning from WSAEAFNOSUPPORT. Returned by WSARecv and WSARecvFrom to indicate that the remote party has initiated a graceful shutdown sequence. By calling shutdown() you do a partial close of a socket, which means you have discontinued sending. Socket Error Codes Linux

The WSAAsyncSelect() FD_WRITE event is specifically designed to notify an application after a WSAEWOULDBLOCK error when buffer space is available again so send() or sendto() should succeed. This error occurs when the sin_port value is zero in a sockaddr_in structure for connect or sendto. An invalid shaping rate object was found in the QoS provider-specific buffer. news Two functions that are conspicuously absent from the current function list above are shutdown() and close socket().

The Windows Sockets API provides access to "low-level" API's (like the transport protocols TCP and UDP), so this error is not relevant to WinSock. Winsock Error 10061 The values for WSANO_DATA and WSANO_ADDRESS (11004) are duplicates, so we don't count one of them. Since the buffering requirements for sending are less than for receiving datagrams, it's conceivable that you can send a datagram larger than you can receive.

Although some WinSock implementations might not issue other errors if a connection fails, so you can handle this error as you would others that indicate connection failure.

WSAEBADF (10009) Bad file descriptor. WSAGetLastError() and WSAIsBlocking() cannot fail. Check the destination address itself; is it the one you wanted to go to? Socket Error 10061 Connection Refused This article provides advice that tells you the best way to successfully treat your Microsoft Windows Winsock Error 10004, Error -107 error messages both by hand and / or automatically.

You are unlikely to encounter them. For information on how to handle error codes when porting socket applications to Winsock, see Error Codes - errno, h_errno and WSAGetLastError. In other words, the Winsock you are using is not supported by the program you are using. http://jactionscripters.com/socket-error/winsock-error-10004-interrupted-system-call.php WinSock description: NOT same as Berkeley, but analogous.

You should simply ignore this error when it occurs.WSAEINTR (10004) Interrupted system call A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlockingCall. A socket already has a type (a protocol), and each sockaddr structure has an address family field to define its format. You would need to update your Winsock to a supported version. Too many links were encountered in translating a pathname.

Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? Added to that, this article will allow you to diagnose any common error alerts associated with Winsock Error 10004, Error -107 error code you may be sent. No, create an account now. In some instances, it also refers to the current state of the socket input parameter.

WSA_QOS_SENDERS 11006 QoS senders. Too many references to some kernel object. WSA_QOS_GENERIC_ERROR 11015 QoS generic error. SO_ACCEPTCONN, SO_ERROR, SO_TYPE: are read-only options, so they work with getsockopt(), but not with setsockopt() Developer suggestions: Check the parameters.