Advantages of using the Metal Butt Plug

It is the dream of many men: Once with the firm girlfriend to try anal intercourse. However, many women do not seem at all enthusiastic when addressing the subject for the first time. Anal sex appeals to some, because it is still reminiscent of something “forbidden” and “wicked”, the other deters it, because they are afraid of pain. Especially for men, anal intercourse feels very different, because the sphincter is very tight and he feels so much. Here are some advantages of meta butt plug you like most. After reading below, you can then have your own eroric story with butt plugs involved.

How can I suggest anal sex to my girlfriend?

If he beats her for the first time anal sex, it often comes only to a rather negative attitude. It is even worse if he does not ask her opinion at first, but just penetrates directly into the backyard. So what is the best way for him to suggest his girlfriend “Greek”?

We recommend that you do not talk so much about sexuality with words. How about instead, when you touch her at the next sex on her anus again and see how she reacts to it? In a harsh “What are you doing?” Is more likely to assume that she has little interest in anal intercourse.

On the other hand, if she enjoys the touch, you have the opportunity to introduce her finger sometime during the prelude . If she is not averse to that as well, you can whisper tenderly into her ear if you do not even want to try anal sex. Or try to tell her that butt plugs make relationship work, if she agrees, then go for it!

How can I proceed concretely the first time?

The first rule is relaxation. Most women are pretty excited the first time. But who is not relaxed, he also has pain faster. Therefore, pay attention to a particularly extensive foreplay. Massage them with oil, kiss them by the neck, light a few candles. Your first goal should be to relax completely. You see: For anal intercourse you have to take your time. Just as a quickie rammed the penis in the butt is neither for her nor for him a nice experience.

By the way: Many women reject anal sex for hygienic reasons. They are afraid that residues on the man’s penis could stick. However, this fear is unfounded. The rectum is a very clean organ. Only if she has the feeling that she has to go to the toilet, there are feces in it.

The second rule is: lubrication gel and a lot of lube. Spread the gel on both your anus and on your penis so that it slides really well. If you use too little, it will cause you massive pain, so you can assume that there will not be a second time. Remember that Vaseline is not a substitute for lubricants! Vaseline is too strong, which does not “lubricate” enough. Also remember that Vaseline destroys the material of the condoms! You may use lubricants you are using for those modern yoni eggs you have.

An extra advertised

Analgleitgel is not necessary, with normal lubrication it works well. It is also helpful, if you preface her buttock first. You can do this with your fingers, but a small butt plug also does a good job. By the way: Circular movements around the anus are usually found to be very relaxing, which facilitates the subsequent penetration.

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