How Being a Gay Taught Me to Respect Women

There are several gay moral benefits that will help you understand the opposite gender and help you respect it. Here are a few of many reasons why equality thoughts are important and why gay men understand women and appreciate them.

Women Are Human Too

Straight people are often closed-minded. They fail to understand that the world exists beyond their needs and forget women are human too. There are so many men out there focused on their own pleasure and goals so much that they fail to see women as potential partners and someone they could have a relationship with. 


But gay people don’t do that. For once, they are not interested in being in a relationship with women, which allows them to see the other side of them. Now, that doesn’t mean that every single straight guy is bad. We all know better than to generalize. But there are those who would forget that the people they are talking with have feelings as well. 


We all go through different struggles, and we can learn so much by observing. What is interesting is that gay people and women often perceive things in a similar manner. And this allows us to see their point of view.

It’s a Common Character Reflection

The way we treat other people is often a reflection of our own character. You might have been rude to someone in the past, and it is most likely based on how you felt at the moment. The majority of people that disrespect or mistreat others are dissatisfied with themselves. They go through their own personal battle, and it is something that can affect their attitude. 


And if we take this into consideration, we can safely assume that the way gay men treat women is how they treat other people. While there are general exceptions to this rule, that doesn’t change the fact that gay men are a lot calmer and respectful compared to heterosexual ones. Many of the members of the LGBT community struggle with acceptance, and they don’t want other people to go through the same thing they went through. This is why they will do their best to be calm, reasonable, and loving. 

Most Women Are Mothers Who Endure Life

Many gay or lesbian people spend a lot of time searching for acceptance and understanding. That is why they are often able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. When it comes to women, many of them are mothers. And gay people understand the struggle. They see women as people who deserve respect, and they can see the struggle they go through. There is no secret that women go through a lot in life. And if we are talking about moms, they are enduring a lot more. 


They experience frustration, pregnancy, birth, raising their children, marriage, taking care of their families. The list goes on and on. Gender inequality is present in many workspaces, for example, and a pregnant woman will need to go through thick and thin to keep her job. It isn’t rare for them to have even fewer opportunities compared to other women. And these are just a few of many things gay people admire. They understand that it’s far from easy, and women are able to overcome so much.

Gay Guys and Women Suffer Domestic Abuse

Relationships are hard. Even if you meet someone nice, there is still a chance that it won’t work out. And that’s perfectly normal. People are different. But what is not normal is domestic abuse. It is always better to break up with a person if things aren’t working out than to proceed and create a hostile environment. 


The reason why this is important is that gay men and women are quite often victims of domestic abuse and violence. As you probably know already, this is one of the primary reasons why so many gay men are not willing to step out of the closet. They are afraid of how their family might react, and they are often exposed to homophobic members who will abuse them both mentally and physically. Women are often stuck in toxic relationships, and there are a lot of similarities between the two. 

Objectifying Women Is an Awful Idea

Objectifying people is not something you should do. People are so much more than their physical appearance, and it is high time everyone learned that. 


But as we said, gay men are not into women. At least not as partners. As a result, they will be more empathetic towards their struggles, and they are often a great company. You probably wondered why so many girls have a gay friend, and the answer is quite simple. They won’t try to seduce them, they are great listeners, and they can enjoy each other’s company without ulterior motives. 

We Both Face Discrimination

It is no secret that both gay people and women are discriminated against. There are places around the world where being gay is illegal and those where women have barely any rights. Same-sex marriage is still not legal in every country in the world, and while there is significant progress, it is still far from ideal. 


At the same time, both groups suffer discrimination in the corporate and business world. It can be quite challenging for the members of the LGBTQ community. And yes, the situation has improved in the past couple of years, but that’s not something that applies to the entire world. There are still many places where discrimination is rather common, which is why we are able to understand each other. 

Gays Are Said to Be More Compassionate

Even though gay men are born as men, they tend to be softer and compassionate people. We are often in touch with our feelings and aren’t afraid to talk about them. With toxic masculinity being a huge problem in our society, there are many heterosexual guys that enjoy ignoring their emotions. 


Being sensitive is also one of the qualities of women, and this is another great reason why gay people are more likely to respect them. We have so many similarities and understandings for each other.

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