Our Favorite Animal Tails and Why We Love Them

Are you someone with a strong anal game? Are you the one who is interested in the anal play? Well, folks if you are that one person who is so much so into experimenting things with your partner in bed then why not try a butt plug?

What Is A Butt Plug?

Are you aware of the term butt plug? No, well let’s just explain what Butt Plugs are. Buttplug is generally a sex toy, designed in a manner to be stuffed into a rectum for the extreme sexual pleasure. In some of the other ways, these butt plugs are pretty similar to dildo, but they ain’t that big obviously they are a bit on the shorter side with a flanged end in order to avoid the toy from getting lost in the middle of the rectum. Now, when you all know what butt plugs are? Let’s move forward to know more about butt plugs.

In case, if you already got a collection of butt plugs and now looking forward to add some flare to that collection of the Butt Plugs, then try your hands on the toys that have tails attached to it. Yes, you heard that right, “a butt plug with tails” that can add some real flare to your experiments and to your partner’s experience alongside you. Try a butt plug with a tail attached to it and that can well turn out to be super hot experience, exciting plus sensuous feel that you get to derive is another thing, as we say that’s a complimentary thing attached to that butt plug.

They are not just meant for furries that is a fetish often known and better for the complete animal costume. With sans or a tail, putting a butt plug before an anal intercourse could well be a pretty wonderful way to get the sphincter, warmed up for the real action coming up next. Mind you the warming up of the rectum muscles is pretty much a part of anal sex.

A Butt Plug With Animal Tail

For some people, a butt plug with animal tail is a form of the BDSM play where one partner entertain with a tail, the tail might resemble a pet or an animal. Basically, a form of the role-play that is common in the consensual submissive and a dominant kind of relationships.

Well, animal tail is generally made up of fake fur, that is attached to the end of a non-insertion end of the butt plug so that when it is inserted or worn, the response is given, the person has got animal’s tail. Few “tail” plugs are very popular in the form of human puppy play that are constructed from the medical-grade silicone which allows a simulated tail to “wag”.

When reporting, 11,028 kinkster enlisted themselves as “curious or into” about the “butt plugs with animal tails” on a BDSM network- Fetlife.

The bonus: When you wear a butt plug with an animal tail or let’s say any butt plug for that matter, then you don’t really have to only use that for a precursor, a role-play or for an anal sex. In case if you own a vagina, putting a butt plug at the time of a vaginal sex allows you for the multiple stimulation alongside just one partner.


Butt plugs are available in a huge variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. Few are designed in a way so as to make them look similar to dicks, while other designed ones are wavy or ribbed. The bulk of them, however, are shaped with a fragile tip that is wider from the middle, making it a notch to keep it in the place once the butt plug is inserted, and possesses a flared base in order to prevent the thorough infusion into a rectum. Some other plugs are outlined curved, long, and flexible in order to penetrate the pelvic colon. To have a better idea of how beautiful animal tails are, checkout lovegasm or LG as what we call them. They are one of the online stores that we always recommend to our readers.

These Butt Plugs are usually made up of an array of materials, and the most accepted being latex. Few other materials that are used include neoprene, silicone, wood,  glass, metal, stone, and various other materials. The silicone is another exceptionally good material, as that can be well be disinfected in the boiling water.

There are also few butt plugs which “climax” by squirting some viscous fluids or water into your rectum. There are vibrating plugs available, and the plugs that can expand and inflate. Some other butt plugs are particularly designed for men and arouse the prostate.

What Will Sex Feel Like With A Butt Plug Inside Your Rectum?

For anyone, it will feel like extremely ‘filled’, which is really a nice sensation that you will love, any day. For your boyfriend or your man, it will feel like the vagina is a little tighter because of the pressure coming via butt plug. It will feel great as it will be an added arousal and the very thought alone will turn you on.

You Possible Favorite Butt Plugs With Animal Tails and Why Would You Love Them

Well noting really could turn you on the way your Dress Up Tail Butt Plugs with long faux fur will, when you are with your man or a boyfriend in your bedroom. This will measure 11 inches of tail which is pretty much long enough to gently brush your skin and then long enough to make you look incredibly cute when it’s inside your rectum.

Why will You Love An Animal Tail

  • Simply because of the feel, you will get inside
  • Won’t cost you much
  • Get the glass one which will give you a great feel
  • The blacktail will always be catchy
  • Lighter weight
  • Wearing around in the house will make you feel and look sexy
  • Your skin will feel good with the soft brushing

All in all you will love experimenting with animal butt plugs and in case if you are blessed with the right partner the experience in itself will be worth giving another try.

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